Code of Conduct For Student

  1. All the students are required to behave courteously at all times and confirm to the norms of good conduct.

  2. All students are expected to contribute to a positive learning atmosphere in the class by co-operating with the teacher, getting work on time, contributing to a discussion, asking a question.

  3. Each student must bring school Almanac on every class day.

  4. It is compulsory for students to attain at least 75% attendance in each semester.

  5. A student who fails to appear in the unit test/examination for reasons other than medical grounds will be considered absent and no re-assessment shall be organized. 

  6.  Students are expected to participate in all activities unless excused by the appropriate head on a written request from parent /guardian.

  7. Students must treat school property with respect & report any damage to their class teacher.

  8. The school does not accept responsibility for personal items brought to school and is not responsible for articles lost by students.

  9. Carrying a mobile to school is not permitted.

  10. Students are allowed to call home only under extraordinary circumstances from the school office.

  11. The school will take strict action with respect to students found carrying prohibited /smoking and addictive substances.