Evaluation Policy



  • There are four-unit tests cycles, two before Half Yearly Examinations and two after Half Yearly and before Annual examinations.

  • It is mandatory to give and pass the Annual Examination to get promotion to the next class.

  • It is mandatory to secure minimum 40% marks (in classes IV to VIII) and 33% marks (in class IX) in cumulative of theory and practical/assessment of notebooks, assignment, and subject enrichment activities separately to get promotion to the next class.

  • If a child scores less than the minimum passing marks in two subjects in cumulative result, he/she will have to appear for a re-exam.

  • No retest will be conducted in case of absenteeism in Unit Tests. Only if the child is representing the school, the paper will be re-conducted with due permission from the Principal.

  • Retest in Annual Examination will be conducted in case a student suffers from a serious ailment (on the basis of medical certificate) with due permission of Principal


  • There will be two unit test cycles before Half Yearly Examinations, one Mid-Term Examination cycle between Unit Test-1 and Unit Test-2.

  • There will be two Pre-board examination cycles and Final External Examination (Board Exams).

  • If a student opting for a vocational subject as compulsory subject under National Skill Qualification Framework (NSQF) and fails in any one of the three elective subjects (i.e. Science, Mathematics and Social Science), then its marks will be replaced by the marks of vocational subject and result of Class X Board Examinations will be computed accordingly.



  • To earn promotion to class XII, a student must pass each of the five subjects (one core language + four electives). The rule of passing separately in theory and practical is applicable as per the norms of the CBSE.

  • It is mandatory to secure a minimum 33% in the Annual Examinations in each subject.



  • It is mandatory for all the students to give all the exams scheduled in the academic year.

  • Minimum 75% attendance is needed from the day of commencement of teaching class XII up to the 1st of the month in which the board examination commences.

  • In the case of the shortage of a student’s attendance, his/her form will not be sent to the Board along with those of regular students in September/October. However, the forms of such students may be submitted in December provided they qualify the written examination and make up for his/her short attendance. A late fee will be payable by such a student.

Using unfair means in a test or examination is a grave offense. A student who is found using unfair means will be awarded a zero in the subject and will be issued a strict warning. Repetition of the same offense will result in his/her expulsion from the school.

All policies are subject to change as per the modifications and amendments in CBSE norms.

Minimum 75% attendance is needed to appear in the Annual Examination.