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IPS has been imparting quality education. The emphasis is on the development of the Integrated personality of the student.

     “An urge towards excellence" is the motto of IPS. The school has come up well with a wide range of facilities including sports, music, IT, education, etc. It is important that emphasis is given to inculcating human & moral values so that our students grow up in an atmosphere of social responsibility. With the school at the threshold of a new academic session. I welcome all newly admitted students to the IPS family. I take this opportunity to express my appreciation for the good work done by the entire staff and cooperation given by all our parents in the school program.

My good wishes to you all to continue together for the betterment of the school.

                                                                                                          Shri. PREM SINGH JI

                                                                                          FOUNDER & MANAGING DIRECTOR 



  “Education is not preparation for life, education is life itself” stated John Dewey.

Education aims at all-round development of a child, that is physical, mental and spiritual at Indraprastha Public School. We are constantly striving to provide a conducive environment to create a balance in the academic and physical development of students.

  The learning environment in the classroom is also aimed at teachers. They provide an atmosphere, where the learning interaction inside and outside the classroom is done with a lot of understanding & Sensitivity.

John F. Kennedy once said – ‘Child miseducated is a child lost.’

IPS continuously strives for excellence in the field of education by adopting the best practices and implementing innovation in our instructional practice to develop students to be worthy leaders & citizens of our nation.


                                                                                               Smt. SUNIL LATA CHAUHAN


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                    PRINCIPAL'S MESSAGE

"The highest education is that which doesn't merely give us information but makes our life in harmony with all existence."

                                                                                                    RABINDRANATH TAGORE

Education is very closely related to civilization and progress and has a huge impact on human life. It is a continuous reconstruction of our experiences. Through education, We at school, develop the child's overall personality and his/her inmate qualities. Education should be delivered in such a way that develops their literacy, artistic, and cultural interest. We all know the strong nation requires its youth to be confident, decisive, self-reliant, skilled and independent human being. Here, at INDRAPRASTHA, we are imparting all essential traits in student's personality by giving them various opportunities to listen, to understand, or speak and to show their talent in different fields. For this, we request our parents to give support and to have trust in school's teaching methodology. We conduct Parent Teaching Meeting time to time to maintain a good feedback of the students so that we can make the expected changes. We put our best effort to prepare the students mentally, physically and emotionally strong to face the future challenges of their uncertain world. We try to provide best Education through technology, seminars, and webinars of Subject Experts and excursion etc. To quench their curiosity thrust, we provide them live examples to enhance their practical knowledge.


                                                                                                                  Mrs. MANJULA GARG




     It gives me immense pleasure to welcome every child's transformation into a responsible human being. 

  We provide an education that would develop all aspects of the student which is relevant to his/her needs. Our students are encouraged to participate in all social, physical and cultural activities of the school so that they may emerge as self-disciplined, responsible and well-adjusted citizens. Our intention is to instill a zeal for learning in our students. Our dedicated staff looks to challenge our students with academic rigor and relevance which will prepare them for the everchanging culture of the society that they will face.

Our school is strengthened by a very supportive parent society who are actively involved in all aspects of their wards education. Let's nurture our children -God's most precious gifts to us -into honest and caring individuals who share a bountiful bond with mother nature.

  My sincere desire is that my students' journey further than me, see more and achieve more.


Wishing you all good luck.

                                                                                                        Mrs. NIBHA SHARMA

                                                                                                              VICE   PRINCIPAL


                 ADMIN-HEADS MESSAGE


It's a privilege for me to welcome you all to this temple of learning!

This is one of the most prestigious institutions of Ghaziabad that provides a unique opportunity for the development of young minds like yourself in a secular and conducive atmosphere.

IPS offers a wide variety of challenging, enjoyable and successful curricular opportunities and performing arts. 
We are also proud of our resource rooms which include fully equipped computer labs,  a well-stocked library and a lush playground that stands witness to a wide variety of games. Our school building contains airy, spacious and well-lit classrooms which enable our children to be a productive part of this fast-paced world with the help of increased communication.

Parents play a vital role in your overall development. And hence, we encourage a constant interactive bridge between the teachers and the parents to develop an understanding of your progress and development. 

The foundation of a successful school is the cooperation between the students, staff, and parents. And we look forward to building a healthy ecosystem for the same.  

Come! Let's script together our unique journey of growth through the portals of IPS.

                                                                                                Mrs. SHWETA SRIVASTAVA