The chief endeavour of IPS is to provide value-based education. It is our mission to develop and mould our future human resources towards an idealistic way of living. Assimilation of science and technology together with deep-rooted values in our goal which we are desperate to achieve. Old age glory and reputation of India is what we want to revive, for this we have a very powerful instrument in our hand and that is education. Education will be used by us as a mechanism to build and energize to motivate All round development of the student. We want to galvanize our life with values of truth, beauty and goodness. We believe that without ethics and moral values, education and knowledge will not be fruitful. It is our vision to inculcate the best thoughts and habits among students. We want the ideal citizens of India who would make our country strong and prosperous. We pray to almighty God to provide us with strength and wisdom to fulfill our dreams.



                   OUR MOTTO


                   OUR VALUES

Values should be more than inspiring or beautiful words.Our values are a behavioral blueprint that shape who we are as a school community and as an individual. 

  • Collaboration             

  • Curiosity                     

  • Creativity                     

  • Compassion                  

  • Determination

  • Excellence

  • Perseverance

  • Responsibility

  • Self- discipline

  • Teamwork

  • Trust

At Indraprastha Public School we provide extraordinary learning opportunities, a nurturing environment, CBSE curriculum, and culturally diverse community. We are a school with an Indian mind, an Indian heart and an Indian soul, a school that celebrates the culture of excellence and is an embodiment of values.



  • To provide a safe, secure and conducive environment in which each child can dare to dream, enjoy learning, achieve excellence and become a life long learner.

  • To offer educational programmes that support children academic, physical, social, emotional and moral development.

  • To inculcate in children, the values of compassion empathy and respect towards others and the environment.

  •  To identify and nurture the inborn talent in each child and to develop it to the maximum potential.

  • To encourage, develop a positive attitude for self and make students self-dependent in their thinking as well as in their works and to make them enable them to make self-analysis.

  • Develop humanistic values among students and make them aware of their surroundings.

  • To motivate them to be fruitful towards their family as well their society, develop a spirit of sincerity, honesty, and hard work and develop a feeling of tolerance and attitude of social adjustment. 

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