About School App

A key ingredient of the school app is the use of a single, unified database to store data from the various system modules. It is one solution that provides effective convergence of Telecommunication, Information Technology, and Education. This application saves time and human resources, lends transparency, and makes the system efficient. This will provide the following information about students and schools.

Student’s profile:

  • Attendance details of the student

  • Detailed examination schedule

  • Time-table being followed in the student’s class

  • Detailed day-wise home task

  • Periodic planners

  • Detailed fee status   


  • We have launched a new version of APP  PARENT SECTION to make it better, user-friendly and more effective.


  • ATTENDANCE     for daily viewing of parents to help their ward.

  •  HOMEWORK      uploaded for the viewing of Parents to help their ward.

  •  CALENDAR        to view upcoming events holidays and happenings at school.

  • SYLLABUS         can be viewed for the whole year.

  • NOTICE               module displays all important notices for the parents.

  •  GALLERY           shows the photographs of the events happening at school.

  •  PASSWORD       for the new admissions is directly sent to the parent’s email for the first time. FEES can be paid online through NET BANKING

  • ACHIEVEMENTS of the students of various inter-school and inter-school events are uploaded.



  •  In case the parent does not have the registered e-mail ID  or wants to change email ld or has forgotten the PASSWORD. Kindly write at the reception with the following information.

  • Mobile number

  • Admission number

  • Student name

  • Class & Section

  •  Parents are requested to keep track of the NOTE ward's academic performance and progress on a daily basis which will be displayed in the IPSAPP PARENT SECTION.