School Uniform




  • Students should be habitually clean and neatly dressed. The school uniform and student l-card should be worn on all working days and for all school functions. Students who are not in proper school uniform will face disciplinary action.

  • Students should not wear make-up or jewelry to school. Mehndi on hands, nail varnish and streaking of hair is not permitted. 

  • It is necessary for students to be in uniform if they come to school on holidays for the extra class, on PTM days or for any other work. 

  • Students of classes Pre-Nursery to V can come to school in a party dress on their birthdays, whereas students of classes VI upwards are to come in complete school uniform only. 

  •  No child shall be allowed to enter school premises in casuals even if he/she is coming for an extra class/remedial classes/collection of admit cards/PTMS or any other purpose.

  •  Students (Classes VI-XII) are not allowed to wear casuals to school on their birthdays. 

  • Only grey caps and mufflers are permitted during severe winters.

  •  The child will be sent back home if he/she is improperly dressed.