INDRAPRASTHA PUBLIC SCHOOL run by SPS EDUCATIONAL & WELFARE SOCIETY came into being with a goal to develop each and every child into an ideal citizen of the country. SPS is committed to working for the upliftment of marginalized rural, needful and underprivileged so that they can progress and join the mainstream of society. Our school has been affiliated to CBSE NEW DELHI in 2014 & has strived to inculcate & bestow quality academics on our students keeping at par with the technological advancements. IPS was inaugurated by our President Smt. Ramwati Devi on 4th APRIL 2011. The school represented the culmination on assiduous efforts of its founder, a visionary who always cherished the dream of nurturing young minds in an inspiring and motivational atmosphere and producing charismatic, vibrant, dynamic & decisive leaders of tomorrow.