School bus will pick up students from centralized points along the main road. The precise location of the pick-up points will depend on the residential locations of the majority users. Safety of children is our priority thus a school representative is present in the is extremely important that any change in a child’s normal transportation arrangement be intimated through a letter, a note in the school diary or by email.

  • Even if a child uses the school bus transport one-way, full payment has to be made for both ways.

  • Transport fee is to be paid on monthly basis in advance along with application /transport form. Transport fee is non-refundable.

  • Changes in transport will be effective after receipt of the application.

  • Transport to a new ward will be provided after receipt of the application &fee.

  • No temporary changes in the route will be allowed.

  • Notice should be given if the child availing transport is converted to walker.

  • Parents ID is to be carried by the person receiving the child on behalf of the parent without ID card, the receiving will not be handed of the child.

  • At the time of deboarding the bus, in case the parent ID card holder is not parent, the child will be brought back to the school and it will be the responsibility of the parent to pick the child from the school.

     Therefore, parent ID card holder is  requested to be present at the said stop 5 mt prior to the drop time to receive the child.