After hectic & frantic running with trained and experienced teachers the classroom furniture etc. finally, the school opened on 4th April 2011 with 118 students and 14 teachers. The growth of IPS with 118 students has been so fast that in 2014 it got affiliated to CBSE Senior Secondary. The first batch of CBSE students of class  XII came out with 100% Pass in 2015.

Through the relentless efforts, the plot was allotted in the session 2015. Today we have a spacious playground with its committed staff imposing building well-equipped library, labs & facilities for physical, mental & spiritualistic development of every child. During the span of time, we did not hesitate to apply the knowledge we got our own experience & the global events for the upliftment of our students with many tight corners. We help the marginalized people of the vicinity to provide the best education with the least expenses. Today it is a renowned institution and commands great respect in the society.

             IPS  has continued to grow the academic fine arts and athletic programs that have elevated its students to the highest levels of achievement. Our students have won numerous district and state championships and has consistently earned individual and team titles. Though as a private school IPS has developed its student's strength of character to serve others in their own community and across the globe.

Continuation in this process our school is dedicated to fulfilling the expectation of the students, parents, management & whole of the society so that collective wisdom can be developed to serve society.