Strictly adhering to the governmental regulation of the Incorporation of Anti-Fire measures, the arrangement of the fire fighting devices at strategic points in the school building has been arranged. Our campus is arranged with high end monitored security, fire, gate systems, and advanced camera monitoring.

CCTVs are installed in all the main areas of the school building in order to ensure safety & security. It also helps in controlling and maintaining discipline.

The person employed by the school goes through a process of verification of documents and other security checks during entry and exit.

Parent-teacher-student meeting is in place to address the safety needs of the students and regular feedback is invited from the parents.

The school provides drinking water which is periodically tested and safe for consumption.

The school is secured by a 24hours security service.

The classrooms are equipped with furniture with rounded edges to prevent injuries and accidents. Flooring has anti-skid tiles to prevent injuries from falling.

   The students using laboratories are provided with protective lab-coats.

 Guidelines issued by CBSE from time to time being followed regularly and any violation to safety and well being of children in school campus shall be dealt by complaint committee